A wide range of outpatient surgical procedures can be performed at Kissimmee Surgery Center. We offer the latest technology and state of the art equipment for a variety of specialties including:

KSC also does specialty procedures such as:

  • Stereotactic Needle Core Breast Biopsy
  • (ESWL) Electroschockwave Lithotipsy


KSC's anesthesiologists can skillfully administer a monitored or general anesthetic that is best suited to your comfort, safety and individual preference. The day of your preoperative evaluation visit, your physical condition will be carefully evaluated to determine the best anesthetic for you.


Learn more about endoscopy Learn about the endoscopy procedure

General Surgery

General surgeries include a variety of corrective procedures such as hernia repair and removal of varicose veins, as well as such diagnostic procedures as breast and lymph node biopsies. Surgery is complimented by the availability of a Pathologist to analyze specimens on the premises.

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KSC offers a full-service program for Endoscopy patients. The care is approached in a manner that promotes positive patient outcomes.


A variety of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures specifically for women can be performed as KSC. Included are D and C, removal of cysts and lesions, laser laparoscopy, tubal ligation and hysterosalpingogram.


Common ophthalmologic procedures performed include correction of crossed eyes, cataract removal, and lens implant, as well as some laser procedures of the eye.

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Medical techniques and technology are rapidly expanding to help patients who have problems that affect their bones and joints. KSC offers a variety of orthopedic procedures.

Common procedures include removal of bone spurs and painful cysyts as well as procedures to release compressed nerves and trigger fingers.

For knees and shoulders, common techniques often utilize arthroscopy, viewing of the joint through a special fiber-optic scope, to simplify surgical correction.

Our orthopedic specialists also perform a number of microsurgical procedures such as nerve and tendon repair of the hands.


Surgeons may perform a number of surgeries involving the ears, nose and throat. Common otolaryngological procedures include removal of tonsils, removal of adenoids, septoplasty, and endoscopic sinus surgery.

Pain Management

We provide a diagnostic and therapeutic Pain Clinic. Common problems such as sciatica--low back pain,cervical and lumbar radiculopathies, as well as post traumatic sympathetic dystrophies can be effectively treated at KSC.

Treatment is by referral only and most procedures are carried out under I.V. sedation to minimize patient discomfort.

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeons can perform a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures at KSC. Common cosmetic procedures include body contouring, suction removal of excess fat, breast augmentation, and face lifts. Removal of malignant as well as non-malignant skin leisons is commonly performed at KSC.


KSC specialists offer a variety of methods for correcting problems that occur in the feet. Common procedures include removal of bunions, hammer toe correction and other surgical procedures for correction of foot disorders.


KSC's urological staff is trained in the most modern diagnostic procedures such as ultrasonic prostate biopsy and evaluation of male and female urinary tract. Procedures frequently performed are circumcision, vasectomy, fulguration of bladder tumors, and prostatic biopsies. Laser lithotripsy is also available at KSC.