If You Have an Appointment

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You'll Feel Better Because You'll Understand

Fear of the unknown is the most common cause of stress and anxiety. Research shows that recovery from surgery proceeds more quickly when stress is kept to a minimum. We take the time to make sure you understand.

After your physician has provided you with the necessary information, you will prepare for you procedure with a preoperative telephone interview by one of our nursing staff members.

If you need a general or monitored anesthetic, you will talk with a specialist. Together with your physician, this specialist will carefully determine the anesthetic best suited to your comfort, safety, and individual preference.

As well as making sure you understand all of the variables surrounding your procedure, we shall provide a reminder checklist that covers everything from meals before surgery to your transportation needs.

We even take the guesswork out of financial details. In addition to explaining charges for your treatment, we work with your insurance company before and after your stay with us in order to minimize the cost to you. If a co-paymentor deductible is required, we shall make your payment as convenient as possible.

KSC Provides Comfort and Convenience

KSC is easy to find. No matter where you park, you will be right by the door. Upon your arrival the day of surgery, you will already be checked in and we shall be ready for you.

You will need to bring someone--a spouse, friend, or relative--who will be able to drive you home. (Children, of course, will be accompanied by a parent.) During your procedure, your companion may relax in our Waiting Area, where we always have a fresh pot of coffee.

Because familiar faces encourage recovery, we arrange for you to be met with the smile of your parent, spouse, or companion when you awaken in our Recovery Room.

Each aspect of your stay with us has been carefully planned to ensure your comfort, convenience and speedy recovery.

We Do More Than Most People Realize

Kissimmee Surgery Center is equipped with the latest technology to provide pain management, hundreds of diagnostic tests, and one-day surgical procedures for a variety of medical disciplines.

KSC has special interest in the pediatric patient and has taken special care to fashion an environment where the children are comfortable and their parents can participate in their postoperative care.